• 1.To act according to the signs of the times by counseling and motivating HIV patients to lead a normal life in this stigmatic society.
  • 2.To help PLHIV maintain their dignity and lead a normal life.
  • 3.To promote quality of life by availing health care services to the marginalized sick with a special focus for women and children irrespective of religion, race, caste, community or social status by running hospitals, clinics, dispensaries and extending health education programmes.
  • 4.To undertake sustainable social welfare activities to enhance the life of rural poor irrespective of their caste, creed, or social status.
  • 5.To enhance women’s social, political, educational, economical and cultural status in the society.
  • 6.To establish link with other NGOs / FBOs working in the field of HIV.
    7. To expand the coverage of and access to services for PLHA by mainstreaming HIV/AIDS care into identified private and faith-based health facilities.
    8. To ensure the personnel in the identified community care centers have the requisite knowledge and skills to deliver quality care without stigma or discrimination.
    9. To expand the scope of care services provided.
    10. To ensure adequate systems for programme management, regular monitoring, supportive supervision, quality improvement, MIS and external evaluation.


Assisting the PLHIV to lead a normal life in spite of the stigma and discrimination in the society.
With love we make them valuable.
With care we make them energetic.
With peace we make them to attain tranquility in life.

Services available at the CCC :

• OPD and IPD services for clients
• Nursing care for 24 hours for clients
• Medicines on OPD and IPD basis for clients
• Basic routine laboratory diagnostic services
• Counseling services for clients and care givers
• Transport for clients and care givers
• Accompanied referrals from ART centre
• Accompanied referrals to ART centre or any other tertiary care unit or social services
• Accommodation for care givers during client’s IP days
• Food for clients during IP days
• Yoga and meditation
• Support Group meeting
• Celebrations. and observations
• Social Service Guild
• HIV and TB awareness campaign for students
• TB Awareness programme

Key indicators of the CCC: September - 2009 to January 2011

Total New Registrations : 560
Total Inpatients : 700
Total Out Patients : 1300

Social linkages of the CCC


Number referred

Widow pension


Nutritional support


Educational support


Any other-Specify

        07 (Job)